Catch Me in the Bakery Bears Patron Newsletter!


Anyone who's spent a significant amount of time on by blog knows I've written a few posts that include mention of the Bakery Bears Podcast. If you haven't watched an episode by now, then you absolutely must pull out your latest project, hike your butt over to their YouTube channel, and binge watch until there's nothing left on your needles.

Which is basically what I do every Sunday morning after a new video is posted.

It only takes a few minutes to see why anyone who's anyone in the knitting world adores them: they're fun, they're talented, and the quality is professional. Plus, they throw in some fun segments that touch on other interests we knitters seem to have in common, like the love of books and travel.

And it's all free. But that doesn't mean they can't keep doing it all without our contributions. That's why they've set up a Patreon for fans to contribute toward exclusive segments, tutorials, giveaways, and more, that will help them keep producing the podcasts we crave (and if you've been a long-time fan of theirs, you'll know that "crave" is an understatement).

Okay, so why am I telling you this? Well, because they've launched a newsletter for their Patrons. A newsletter in which I will be reviewing a certain little something I recently acquired for my birthday.

I was extremely humbled and honored to be asked by Kay and Dan to write an article, and I'm so excited that the yarn has finally arrived so I can get started. I'm honestly surprised anyone reads this little synaptic misfire of a blog sometimes, and I still don't think my skills are up to par with my fellow crafters in the sphere. So I almost fell out of my chair when I realized this would be an option.

Of course, I'm not the only person to have written (or who will write) a piece for their newsletter, and they've mentioned who will be making an appearance in their most recent episode. BUT - the only way to read the articles is to become a patron. You can contribute as much as you want, receiving different rewards for each donation level, so you won't go broke. And you get to relax for two hours with your yarn every time new content comes out. It's not a shabby deal :)

So make sure to subscribe to their channel and, if you like them, become a patron for as little as $2/mo. You'll thank me later!