Beer Knits Podcast

It seemed appropriate that I should combine my two greatest loves - yarn and craft beer - into something I could publicize while sharing what little knowledge I have of both. And so, the Beer Knits Podcast was born.

I've been making crafty YouTube videos for years now, but was bored with my general routine and how I went about blathering on like an idiot with no end game. It wasn't until recently that I discovered the joys that are YouTube podcasts, which I love for the relaxation they give me when I'm knitting or crocheting at night after a long day of work. So consider this throwing my hat in the ring.

I hope this podcast is as fun for you as yours are to me. I only wish we could all be sitting around a craft circle in person enjoying the bevies :) So pour a glass and join me for 30-ish minutes of mind-numbing entertainment every week.

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