New on the Needles: Rose City Rollers


Some of you may be asking, "So Jenn, remember when you bought all that yarn at Rehoboth Beach to knit up an Exploration Station? How's that going?"

I'm glad you asked. It was going well - until I returned home from running errands this weekend to discover my beloved cat Charlie had PUKED ALL OVER IT.

I held back the tears. I didn't shake with anger (much). I didn't murder him. Instead, I wound up soaking the shawl - still on its needles - and hanging it out to dry.

The good news is, it's still workable and you can't even tell a cat puked on it. Thank God. I had just finished knitting Section 4, so I only have one section left; the last thing I wanted was to lose so many hours of work.

But at the time, I wasn't sure what would become of my shawl and needed to knit something else as a distraction. Hence the casting on of some Rose City Rollers, the first pair of socks I may ever finish because there's not a whole lot of leg knitting involved. And I actually turned a heel correctly this time. Miracle of miracles, this may actually happen for me.

I finished the gusset of my first sock last night and have started knitting the foot, which is going quickly. I'm hoping to have a HO to show off next week. Stay tuned :)