Finished: Rose City Rollers Socks


And they're done! My first pair of finished socks. Turns out all I needed was a bad week full of frustrating experiences to make me focus on anything other than the axe wound that is my life. Oh, and it helps that the leg on these socks barely exists, so it's essentially just turning a heel and making some toes.

Indeed, Rose City Rollers is the perfect sock pattern for newbies. It's straight-up stockinette stitch, so you don't have to worry about purling if that's not your thing. Also, the pattern goes into enough detail that you begin understanding basic sock construction, and two toe options are provided so you can alter the sock to either fit your foot or visual preference.

I flubbed up a bit on the toe, but I'm pleased nonetheless. I even managed to almost perfectly match the stripes. As a result, I've officially been bitten by the sock-knitting bug, as I've already cast on another pair in some Knit Picks Felici that I scored from their latest limited stash release (which is nearly sold out, so get it while the gettin's good).

In the meantime, I'm:

Reading: Lady of Hay
Knitting: Vanilla Latte Socks
Spinning: More Hobbledehoy fiber on my new AaronMakesStuff spindle (review coming soon!)