Caron United CAL/KAL Progress: Week 1

Crocheted Arches Stitch (left) and Knitted Crown Stitch (right)

Another day, another dollar, another WIP. How are all you folks holding up as we forge onward into the holiday season?

I've got plenty of gifts on my list of things to make, as well as several orders that trickled in all at the same time (fine with me!) But sometimes, it's nice to take a break and make something for myself. And that doesn't mean something I'll use myself, but rather something I consider a fun break from the norm.

Hence my Caron United Crochet-/Knit-Along projects, pictured above. Each week, participants receive an email with a "choose your own adventure"-type story. Based on your selections, you'll receive different patterns to choose from for the next section of your scarf. You basically have no idea what you're going to wind up with, which makes it fun... if you like that sort of thing. So far, I've managed to select the arches stitch for my crochet scarf and the crown stitch for my knitted scarf.

I'm using the yarn specified for the project, but you certainly don't have to (though it was pretty easy to merely select which kit I wanted from the website and wait [im]patiently for them to arrive on my doorstep)! For each ball purchased, Caron donates 15 cents to the Children of the Fall Patriots Foundation, a wonderful charity that you can read more about by clicking here.

Because this charity provides college scholarships and educational counseling, I considered it worthy of my support; I believe that education acquirement is one of our most important duties (yes, duties!) as human beings. I may be biased, being that my parents are both retired teachers, but hey. It's also something nobody can ever take away from you. If you put in the work, you'll reap the benefits. So yeah. Education. Woop woop.

Interested? It's not too late to join us! Just visit the event over on my Facebook page to see what everyone else is creating and jump in whenever you're ready :)