Finished: Orange Cabbage Patch-Inspired Pigtails Crochet Hat

Ahoy, mateys! Here be my latest creation: another pigtail beanie, this time in orange. I hadn't made one for a redhead yet and I'm loving it; in fact, I've been inspired to try a Pippi Longstocking-inspired version one of these days, with crazy braided pigtails using pipe cleaners.

(Sidebar: In case you care, the 1988 Pippi Longstocking movie was one of my favorites growing up, so you can understand why my mind automatically shifted into Villa Villekulla mode).

Yarn: Vanna's Choice in Terracotta

Difficulty: Intermediate. The entire hat body is HDC while the brim is three rows of the double-loop stitch, followed by some fancy tassel-making and ribbon-tying. The pattern is my own, which (as always) will be coming soon to my website.

Notes: I have a hard time following the size charts I find online. No matter what I do, the crown/hat body always seems bigger than necessary, even though I'm making the hat to the exact proportions for each accompanying age. I end up ripping back to my increases so it looks more acceptable, and I've received no complaints that the resulting hat was too small.

Does anyone else have that problem, or am I special?