WIPs this Week

Good Lord, is this week over yet? No? Wah. Well anyway, here are the knitting and crochet projects I've been figuratively noshing on this week:

  1. My Caron United Mystery Scarf CAL. I'm about to start Week 2. What's pictured above (the brown scarf on the top left) is the arches stitch I selected for Week 1.
  2. My Caron United Mystery Scarf KAL. Here, I've been able to start Week 2 and I chose the cherry branch stitch (which, of course, you can barely see in the photo, but there will be more to come!) The first section is the crown stitch.
  3. Two great knit headbands with detachable crochet flowers for custom shop orders. There are two more on the way from orders placed on Tuesday night and yesterday afternoon, as well.
  4. Crocheting my way through 15 fall-themed flowers for a customer order in my shop.

Combine that with working full-time while trying to get a part-time marketing agency up-and-running and, well, I kind of want to keel over and die. Thankfully, I was able to indulge in some wine and dinner with a friend last night to take the edge off. Plus, with any luck, I'll be playing with my iPhone 6 Plus tomorrow night; Happy Friday to me indeed :)

I really am a lucky girl, even when I want to pass out from mental exhaustion.

PS: Don't forget to sign up for the Caron United Mystery Scarf CAL/KAL over on my Facebook page. We've headed into Week 2, so there's plenty of time to catch up. And hey, if you don't want to join, you can still check out everyone's progress and photos.