Traveling Scarves - Lengthwise Scarf hitting the mail this Saturday!

This obnoxious beauty will be mailed out on Saturday:

Traveling Scarves - Group 92

Isn't it wonderful?  Because the group consists of both knitters and crocheters, I knit one side of the scarf in the super-sparkly Caron Simply Soft Party yarn, and crocheted into the other side using some yarn I've had in my stash of which I can't remember the name.  But basically, I'm gonna shine.  Literally.

So now I just need to pick up a nice big Ziploc bag before shoving it into my padded envelope.  The first person in my downstream lives in the UK!  My last traveling scarf group had a member from Canada (which was exciting in and of itself), but I'm absolutely loving that people around the world - for real - will be knitting on my scarf.

Seriously, these traveling scarf groups are so amazing.  You should join a group if you haven't had the chance.

PS: I recently introduced myself to Pinterest and it's become my new obsession.  If you're also on the site, follow me!  I pin (or in most cases... re-pin) fun crochet and knitting projects, plus other general crafts, music, and reading stuff.  I'm still new so I don't have much up there, but there will be more soon :)

Should I also mention that I started crocheting another doily?  I think I will.  There you have it!