Mother's Day Coasters! (Better late than never...)

Here are the Mother's Day coasters I promised photos of in my last entry!




I used cotton yarn and probably a bigger hook than I should have - they're big enough to pass as small wash cloths, too.  But overall, they came out really cute and I love them.  Amazingly, I even had all these colors in my stash to perfectly coordinate with my mom's colors scheme.  Not sure how I managed that.  Most likely, I just buy too much yarn.

I found the pattern from a link posted on one of the Facebook pages I follow.  You can grab it yourself over at the Yvestown Blog!

It was a fun, cute, and quick project.  I think it took about 10-15 minutes per coaster, and that's because I kept getting distracted.

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

PS: I did give these to my mom on Mother's Day.  I slack on posting about projects, not creating them by deadlines :)