Traveling Scarves 92 - Journal

For my traveling scarf group, we each have to create a little journal that accompanies our scarf on its journey.  I had found a really cute YouTube tutorial on how to make rolled paper roses and decided to go a bit overboard with my journal.  Exhibit A:


But I guess it was worth going overboard because it did turn out kind of cute :)


My journal page talks about what I'm looking for and I even included a photo of my mom and me.  I'm encouraging everyone to add a photo of themselves, but they don't have to - even though it would be nice to see everyone who's worked on my scarf when it gets back to me.


Over the past year, I've purchased a lot of scrapbooking supplies and keep telling myself that one of these days - when I can come up for air - I'm going to sit down and dive in.  Well, that hasn't happened... so this was my way of indulging for a bit!

I have plans to post tomorrow, but we'll see what happens.  I took tomorrow off so I can enjoy a nice 4-day weekend (and work on a ton of homework for class instead of relaxing outside with the halfway decent weather we're supposed to get).  In any event, if I don't get back, have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

PS: It's been sunny for the past two days.  I'm not sure if everyone else has had the horrible rainy weather or tornado warnings that we've had for three weeks, but I'm glad that's almost over!