My Christmas Flower Swap Contribution - Crocheted Poinsettias and Lollipops

Once again, I participated in a flower swap.  This swap's theme was Christmas, so I immediately went online in search of the perfect small poinsettia pattern.  There were so many nice ones, but my favorite (by far) was this one.

I thought that adding both rows of red would make the flowers too big, especially since these were being sent to people who might use them for scrapbooking, so I opted to make the smaller version (as well as some crocheted lollipop flowers, made by combining some cream yarn and gold thread):


Instead of a yellow crocheted bobble for the poinsettia's center, I used some gold beads I had purchased for another project and glued them down.  They seem to be hanging on pretty tightly:


I then attached them to some paper I had in a card stock book and created a lacy border using one of my Martha Stewart punches.  They're held on by sewing a piece of yarn through the back and tyring them to the card stock through two small holes I punched out:


I think they turned out pretty nicely, don't you?

My poinsettia-making is not done this holiday season, though!  After posting these photos to a craft album on my personal Facebook page, not only did I get some orders for flowers, but I got a TON of custom orders for my hats and headbands.  Pretty neat!  I also received some orders from my etsy shop, so the next few weeks are going to be crazy busy for me - but all worth it!

If you're interested in seeing what I have on my plate this holiday season, I created a custom order page so that we all can keep track of where I am with my projects.  I blew through some of the headbands this weekend and started a hat.  Right now, I think I'm doing well in keeping up with demand, but I suppose we'll see just how well I do as the holiday season progresses :)  Wish me luck!