Lots of custom hats = completed! Onward ho!

By now you've probably envisioned me falling off the face of Planet Earth.  And in a way, that's what happened.  The good news is my classes for this session have been over for more than a week now, and I did really well in them!  One more math class to go before I only have marketing and management classes left.  HURRAY!

I hope you all had wonderful Thanksgivings :)  Hubby and I had a great time visiting with our families and finally taking it easy for at least one day during our 4-day weekend.  We did wind up being busy pretty much all weekend, but I'm proud to say that I still got a lot of craftiness accomplished.

Below are just some of the projects I've finished up since my last entry:

Purple Whitney Headband

Brown Whitney Headband

100_2125 copy
Chunky ribbed hat (this hat's for a guy, so just ignore my model, haha)

100_2128 copy
Whitney Headband for Young Girl

100_2121 copy
Burgundy Whitney Headband

100_2137 copy
Grey Whitney Headband with Pink Flowers

100_2132 copy
Set of 3 Black Whitney Headbands

I've since started my final custom order hat, then will only have to make two cowls, a crochet poinsettia, and a Santa face magnet.  You can check on my progress here (PS: If your hat is marked as completed and you haven't received a link to purchase, that means I'm taking the photos this weekend and will have them to you shortly!).  With any luck, I can finish all of those up this weekend and have them mailed out to everyone next week!

Speaking of mailing, I've decided to skip post-office-awfulness this year and invested in a scale from Staples.  For $19.99, it was well worth the price.  What does this mean?  No more waiting in line, and your orders get shipped out faster (since I don't have to wait until the weekend to get to a post office anymore).  So far, I've mailed two packages this way and have been enjoying the easiness.  Now I really have a shipping center in my craft room :)

Have a great weekend, everyone, and I hope it'll filled with a bunch of fun crafting and holiday decorating like mine will be!  And also, Happy Hanukkah!