Happy One Hundred - Some Wordle Fun!

Well, I've finally reached my 100th post.  Only took two years!  Oh, well.  I suppose that's okay because I didn't start blogging regularly up until this past year.

I wanted to do something fun for my 100th post, but nothing big.  I'm saving the big stuff for the holidays :)  That said, there's a super cute meme going around on CreatingTheHive.com - Arts & Crafts Community using a little widget called Wordle.  You enter your blog's feed into Wordle and it generates some art based on your blog's text.

So in honor of my three-digit milestone, here's what 100 entries about yarn look like:

I'm a little dismayed at my use of words like "like", "just", and "really", but it's pretty neat, huh?

What does your blog "look like"?!

And just so this entry has some project content, I've completed the first 3" of ribbing on my shrug and started the lace pattern.  I should finish the first row of lace this evening (after 3.5 hours of awfulness - I mean, Managerial Finance), so after that I should be able to tell how the rest of this pattern is gonna go down.  I hope it continues being friendly!