Knit a Cat Hat (or: How to Make Your Kitty Hate You)

In one of my swap groups, we were brainstorming some ideas for our next swap. Because the group is hat-themed, for whatever reason, I came up with the idea to make coordinating hats for pets and their owners. Don't ask me why.

In any event, my Ravelry search brought me upon this pattern:

Note: This pattern has been removed and blocked from search, so it's not even possible to bring it up as an archive anymore. Sorry for any inconvenience!

After posting the pattern to my Facebook and saying that I must resist the urge to make one, my friends cheered me on. So lo and behold, in a matter of 30 minutes or so, I made this beauty. And had to chase poor Charlie around the house to get him to wear it. If he wasn't already in a playful mood, it would have been easier, plus Hubby is outside experimenting with our new weed whacker (something which scared the bejeebus out of the cats).

I tried to get Petey to participate, but I couldn't convince him it was for the common good.

Still. It's freakin' adorable. I'm imagining so many ways to customize it. I'm thinking... clown pom-pom? A Mohawk? I'm about to go berserk. As if I don't have real work to be doing at the moment, haha.

I have a swap package to show off, so maybe I'll continue the procrastination by taking photos of that :)