The Traveling Scarf Project Begins

100_1971, originally uploaded by jennlikesyarn.

Presenting the three flowers I made for my traveling scarf!

I shouldn't have joined another swap group, but I've been wanting to join a traveling scarf group since before our wedding in October; there just wasn't enough space in any of the groups!

This specific group is for knitters and crocheters, and we were able to choose between a lengthwise scarf or a flower scarf. I have so many normal scarves that I wanted something a little bit different, and a lot a bit obnoxious. So everyone in my downline will be making 3-5 flowers in their choice of patterns and colors (I'm hoping they mesh, lol). I'm also encouraging strategic use of novelty yarn.

The pattern is from Lion Brand, and you can download it here. I used a J hook instead of an N hook so they wouldn't be as large. I don't want the sew the flowers together in a straight line - more zig-zaggy - so a medium size is better.

I'm so excited to ship these off this week and get them back in... a few months, haha. Wish me luck!