Think Spring Ravelry Swap

Thing Spring Ravelry Swap, originally uploaded by jennlikesyarn.
Check out this amazing swap I received the other night from my Hats Off to You swap partner in the Think Spring swap!

Everything is greatly appreciated and the timing couldn't be better. First of all, the amazing hat:

Thing Spring Ravelry Swap

LOVING the colors. She had emailed me to see if I wanted something subdued or something bright. I've found that I always make bright hats for other people, but always wear more neutral colors, and told her I was ready to take a risk, haha. And look at how great they are! Neon green (which is a color I've become very attracted to lately) and a pretty shade of blue. The yarn is a really fun Merino Wool from the Sheep Shop Yarn Company.

Included in her package were a TON of fun gardening supplies. First, the amazing bright pink gardening apron that I'm SO happy she sent me. I'm planning on digging into our overgrown garden a bunch over the summer, and this will really come in handy. Also, the gardening gloves in a pretty red color. I almost purchased some last week, but now I'm glad I didn't!

There were also a bunch of seeds that Hubby and I are thrilled to start planting. There's a small canister of enough wildflower seeds to cover 15 square feet, and we know exactly where they're going to go. She also sent some great sweet pepper, iceberg lettuce (Hubby's favorite lettuce that he was planning to plant this summer), and tomato seeds. It's great to get our hands on these because we already had enough work cut out for us without hunting down the seeds!

Other great items: Rainbow Gummy Frogs (that Hubby tore from my hands and already started eating), some cute planting tins with flower designs on the outside, "J" sticky notes (really exciting since I can never find them in a "J" and I'm obsessed with my initial for whatever reason), lip balm, DELICIOUS-looking Rishi Tea, a nummy strawberry candle that's going right in our dining room, a cute pink and gold pouch that I'll be putting my makeup in on Thursdays before heading to class, and LOTS more! (You can click here to view the larger version of the photo with notes of each item).


Thing Spring Ravelry Swap

KNIT PICKS YARN! In Merino Wool! It's so soft to the touch. I think I'm going to use it to make a version of the Tuva hat I made for my swap partner, and I'm pumped to get started (once I'm done finishing up some other current projects).

I hope you're all enjoying your Memorial Day weekends! I took Friday off, too, so it's been a great few days of catching up on school work, doing some Freelance design stuff, and sleeping a bunch, haha. Hubby and I bought the new Super Mario Galaxy 2 yesterday (an impulse buy), so I'm sure that'll be a fun activity for us tonight after returning from our friends' party.

More to come soon!