Ravelympics Slackage

Just so we're all aware, this is what happens every time I try to take pictures of anything.  Especially if I have to do it on the floor.

That is a lovely photo of my current UFO.  It's been that way for almost a year.  I've recently decided to revisit it (which I never do - I'm the queen of starting projects, storing them away, then throwing them out a couple years later when I move just because I can't stand to look at it anymore) and completed the second panel over the weekend.  Why?  For Ravelympics!

The pattern is Frosted Waves, by the ever-so-talented Robyn Chachula.  I started it last April, and since then it's been sitting patiently in my craft corner basket, just waiting to be completed.  I can't remember why I stopped, but knowing me, it was because I started another project.  I've wanted to pick it back up a couple times since then, but was afraid to since I wasn't sure I'd remember where I left off last.

But after reading through the pattern again and ripping back a row or two, I finally figured it out.  I'm actually almost done with the first sleeve at the moment, though I had to frog almost the entire thing after realizing my gauge has changed in the past year.  The pattern calls for an H hook.  I had been using a G for the sweater's body, but ended up using an F for the sleeves.  Crazy.  I usually have problems with my gauge being too tight.  Maybe all the knitting I've been doing lately has loosened me up!  Haha.

Anyway, here's a shot of the front and back panels, sans kitties: