Headband Giveaway Winner!

Drumroll please...

Congratulations to Rachel, who would like a navy blue or charcoal headband!  (I could totally make an awesome navy blue one, which is a color I haven't done yet, so just let me know :P).  Make sure to check out her really cute blog when you get a chance - as if I needed another blog to follow, but it's super adorable.  And how excited am I that she's fairly local to me?

Snow gods willing (and oh, how they are willing this month!), I should be able to complete this in time to mail it out with my usual packages Saturday morning.  I hope you love it :D

Thanks so much to everyone who participated.  I was floored at the amount of excited entries I received throughout the past two weeks.  Because I couldn't just let you all off the hook...

Everyone who entered the contest will receive $5 OFF a custom Whitney Headband.  Normally $15, you can get yours for $10 (plus shipping costs)!  If you ladies are interested, simply email me with the color you'd like.  Once completed, I'll list the headband in my etsy shop for you to purchase.

Once again, thank you all!  I'm looking forward to my next contest.  Hmmm... maybe once I reach 50 purchases in my shop?  Or 100 Facebook fans?  So many options :)

Also, being that it was just Valentine's Day, I'd like to take this time to upset everyone who posted their anti-Valentine's hate spew on Facebook yesterday by declaring my love for my super supportive, fairly new hubby.  If anything, I keep him around because he has yet to throw out my yarn or create a huge knot it in when moving it out of his way, and he's letting me have a craft room in the new house.  Without him, I'd have nobody to hate the world with on a continual basis, which keeps me sane.  And he makes me chicken parmesan for Valentine's Day, a huge feat for someone who gets nauseous at the mere sight of cheese.  He's the bestest ever!  You can all vomit at our cuteness now: