Swap Hat = Done! (But shhhhh)

Once again, if you are my swap partner, do not click the "read more" link :)

Also, how cool am I for figuring out this whole "jump break" stuff in Blogger?  I think I'm pretty cool.

In other, not-so-secretive crafty news, projects abound at our apartment (oh, how I wish I could say house already!).  I'm afraid I won't finish my knitted feather & fan afghan before the end of March, which was the HPKCHC deadline.  I've been bringing it to work with me to knit during lunch instead of the headbands and hats I usually make.  It's going soooooo slowly.  Remind me to never knit an afghan again.  It's painful.  I wish I had chosen to do a crocheted one!

I also started one of the assignments for February classes over at HPKCHC.  We have to turn something scary into something not-so-scary.  I wanted to do this really easily, so I'm just making one of my cute Whitney Headbands with pirate skulls fair-asile-d on it in pink and green.  Because pirates are scary, right?  And the pink and green combo is pretty hysterical (I love pink and green together, but not with death skulls, so it's pretty entertaining).

I'll probably just end up selling it in my shop because it's actually turning out pretty cute.

Speaking of headbands, don't forget to enter my contest and possibly win a custom-made Whitney Headband for yourself!

Excitement always abounds when I get through the Foliage pattern with little-to-no ripping-out of hair:

This is the final version of the hat I blogged about here.  I haven't added the project to ravelry yet so my partner doesn't see it that way, and I really hope she doesn't read blogs, and I'm probably dumb for even bothering to post about it at all, but... I just love it too much!