I haven't been knitting - I've been homemaking!

I've been AWOL.  But I have a good excuse - really, I do!

Hubby and I bought a house!  YAY!

(Don't worry, that's his happy face.  And I look like crap, but that's fine, too.  It had been a long day at that point because we had just returned from a weekend in New Hampshire).

Okay, so I was slacking off a little before the whole house thing came into play, and I feel like a terrible person for not participating as much in the HPKCHC like I had planned, and now I'm running around trying to get stuff together for swaps (lucky for me, I knocked it down to one every month at the most).  Unfortunately, life happens and things go nuts and nothing ever goes as planned.

Except for getting the house we wanted.

In any event, I really need to get my butt in gear and start doing crafts again.  Although I'm thinking most of my crafts from here on out will involve things like... painting French doors and cabinetry.

The up side (other than getting a beautiful home in general) is that I'm getting an amazing craft room.  It's already been painted my obnoxious avocado green color, and the burgundy curtains have been hung.  At the moment (and this makes me sad), it's acting as a catch-all room for everything we've been lugging over from the apartment while we get the main rooms in order.  That'll hopefully change this weekend after a Friday night trip to IKEA to get the shelves I've been eyeing up.  And a comfy chair!  My mom is also passing down her sewing table.  Because I apparently need another craft to obsess over.

Enough of that.  In the Land of Yarn News, not too much has been happening.  The blanket I've been knitting has been put on hold.  Sad days.  But I do love the way it's coming out.  It'll look great as an accessory to the new couches we bought for the living room :)  I was also banging my head against a wall for a hat swap I'm doing.  The theme is "Pick a hat from someone's ravelry favorites and make it for them" and I loved all my swap-ee's hats.  I found an awesome one that I knew I'd be able to do really well, quickly, and was a fun pattern in a color she'd love, so I'm excited about that.  But it took me awhile to mull it over, haha.  And also to find the yarn I wanted in my strash that's separated into about 15 boxes right now.  Depressing or awesome?  You decide.

I also received the BEST swap package ever yesterday for the Favorite Holiday swap I joined.  I chose Halloween because Christmas just ended and I have so many Christmas things that any more right now would probably drive Hubby up the wall / out the door.  And... I got a little spoiled, hehe.  I'll be taking pictures and making a wonderful thank-you post over the weekend, so you'll just have to wait and see.  But I will tell you that I may have received some of this in the package (I need to reference the colors, which I will in my thank-you post).  I'm pretty sure Hubby thought I was having a heart attack because he could hear me squeeing upstairs the whole time.

I hope you all are enjoying your first glimpses of Spring!