Adventures in Making Soap - Part 1

A lovely photo I found online of the kit I bought back in December, mayber, perhaps even earlier.

This week in the land of Jenn, all signs have been pointing toward, "No, really, you should whip out that soapmaking kit you bought months ago and try it out. Seriously. Do it."

It all began with an episode of Martha Stewart Crafts in which she makes the home version of Savon de Marseilles... or something. You can't hear me right now, but I'm totally butchering French over here. Then, I was watching Creative Juice one night where they made soap, chapstick, and other bath essentials. And now, I just read a post over at Naughty Secretary Club that there will be a weekly YouTube series about making soap.

And so last night, after traipsing through my sad excuse for an ACMoore where I did not have much success and ending up at the grocery place next-door, I bought a Pyrex container I will dedicate just to soapmaking.

This seems like a craft that was made just for me. Take some stuff, melt it down, get all artsy with it, put it in a mold, then let it sit for a bit while you go do something productive. Like knit or crochet while watching really bad TV (is anyone else pumped for the new episode of Daisy of Love this coming Sunday?).

Ergo, while Nick watches the Celtics probably barely scrape through to another win in the playoffs, I'm seriously thinking about whipping out my kit and seeing what all this hubbub is about in an attempt to go handmade this Mother's Day. I even bought some fun tulle and ribbon to put the soap in when I'm done for gift-giving purposes. I'll keep you updated, but I'm sure I'll probably just boil a finger off before this is all said and done.