Frosted Waves Update & How Do You Guys Get So Much Done?

A photo of the completed Frosted Waves front panel. It could definitely benefit from some blocking and probably a photographer with more time and patience.

I'm struggling. I really am. Struggling with what? Finishing anything! I'm not a slow knitter or crocheter by any means, I promise you! My knitting could be faster - I can admit that - but I'm not slow! And nothing makes me more giddy than looking at the amount of rows I can crochet in a night and know I'm super close to already being done with a project.


I have worked on this every night for almost two weeks now. All I have to show for it is one completed front panel and some armhole shaping on the second panel. I read all of your blogs and see you guys whipping up afghans, socks, and a couple hats in a matter of days. How do you do it?!

I know I had some trouble shaping the armholes because I apparently can't read more-intricate patterns (for example, toward the end of the armhole shaping when it told me to repeat Rows 2-4, I wound up repeating 2-4 of the wave pattern instead of 2-4 of the armhole shaping - I can't begin to tell you how frustrating that was to me until I figured it out... not before I had to download the stitch diagram and see it drawn out in front of me, mind you!).

As I was working on the second panel, I turned around to see Petey (the kitten) using the front panel as his own personal blanket. I love how my men appreciate the work I do!!!! Grumble.
I'm not dense, honest! Just distracted! With working full time, I only crochet or knit at night when I'm exhausted, so reading and deciphering is the last thing I want to do. I'm thisclose to switching over to stitch diagrams completely because it was just so amazing what it did for me, haha. Thing is... I'm this exhausted now when I don't have kids. Many of you do this full time, have multiple children, and so much more. I can only imagine how little I'll accomplish once I'm running after some wee ones (who aren't of the furry variety).

I have great admiration for all of you who are able to complete so many projects with a much crazier life than mine. But how is it done?!

Hope you all have a fun and craftily-productive weekend!