Want-It Wednesday: Pop Goes Crochet

I did it. I caved. Much to my fiance's chagrin, I bought Vickie Howell's new book: Pop Goes Crochet. Because, of course, all I needed was yet another pattern book. I wasn't going to, but then I saw her Helena Bonham Carter-inspired poncho thingy (pictured on the cover, as well) and just had to do it.

And so begins another few months of staring longingly at projects I want to make when I definitely don't have the time or money to do so, haha.

So for this week's Want-It Wednesday, allow me to chronicle (or drool over, whatever happens first) the Pop Goes Crochet patterns I want to tackle immediately.
  1. The aforementioned Helena Bonham Carter poncho. I just think it's super cute, even for me (my rule has always been to stay away from ponchos, but now I'm seeing all these cute ones popping up that I must create! Or maybe I've just hit rock bottom, I don't know).
  2. The Vera Wang pullover, designed by Robyn Chachula (of course!). I'm starting to really learn her style, so I was not shocked to think I really wanted to make this pattern only to discover it was her design! It's beautiful, clean, and looks like something that will hold my interest the whole way throughout. Like me, she hates sewing, so I can only imagine how great this pattern will be!
  3. The Cameron Diaz-inspired hoodie. I'm not sure why, as I usually abhore granny squares used for clothing. But I think this is handled really well and looks great. I'll be heading to the beach for a couple days during my honeymoon, and this might look really awesome for the cooler October nights down in Florida.
  4. The Drew pendant. You know, I have to say I didn't really have a huge interest at making this until I discovered it's all done on a hairpin lace loom. I guess you can call me hairpin lace's new biggest fan after a few scarves I've made recently (nothing intricate at all, just basic technique, and they get such rave reviews!) and I'd really like to learn more. I didn't realize you could do so much with one of the hairpin lace looms.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand so many more. My advice is really just to pick up this book. I've been trying to be good, I really have, but I couldn't resist this one. And for under $14 at amazon, it's well-worth the purchase (and the holiday gifts you can probably get out of it!)