Sorry for the prolonged absence...

Hey, everyone! I hope you all had great holidays and are getting ready for beautiful tax season! I know I'm looking forward to it :P Not really, but who does?

Anyway, my life has been pretty hectic, hence the lack of updates. I know everyone uses that excuse so I'm not even going to go into detail and, instead, let you all know the big news:


That's right. He popped the question on December 8th (kudos to him for not waiting until the holidays, at which point we'd have been fighting with everyone else for what's left of 2009 dates; plus, it's nice to have a day all to ourselves) and now we're planning our wedding for October 10th of this year. As you can imagine, it's all been a little crazy for us, what with the holidays, planning, being in two weddings ourselves this year, and all the regular life crap. Needless to say, the crafting has been put on hold for a bit, though I am trying!

Up next on my craft plate:
  • Sewing a button onto what's left of my calorimetry project. I messed up on one of the short rows, but you can't notice. It came our really nice, and the effect of the yarn I used is really pretty. I'll be taking a picture sometime soon, probably Saturday after a Michael's trip to buy a big button :)

  • Making progress on my comfy raglan sweater. I started this ages ago when I found two huge balls of the specific yarn in my closet that I couldn't fathom what to do with... so I looked it up on ravelry and came across this sweater. I'm still not done with all the increasing, but I'll probably work on it a bunch tonight at my knitting group.

  • Finishing my polka dot Christmas stockings. Haven't touched these since Thanksgiving because of all the holiday projects I had to complete, but I'd like to get them done now in the off-season so they're ready to go next year.

  • Baby blanket for a friend of mine. I ordered the yarn last week, so it had better show up today! I'd really like to get a start on it because it's similar to the last blanket I made... meaning time-consuming and involving a lot of bobbles.

And so, I leave you with remnants of holiday projects:

A pair of flip-top mitts for a co-worker's girlfriend.

See how I manage to slip in a picture of my new bling? Teehee, teehee...

An amigurumi penguin for Nick's sister.

The adorabubble santa face magnets I made for Nick's mom to give out at work. I love them so much... I need to make them every year, haha.

And then there are some others not worth mentioning, either because I didn't like them too much, the picture was bad, or I don't have pictures at all :) I'm sad at myself because when I get rushed around and stressed, I always say, "It's okay, I won't regret taking a picture of this before giving it away," and then I always do... boo!