Slow progress...

So I'm back into doing a lot of crochet work (for yet another baby blanket - stop it, people!), and I really don't want to be. I'm in such a knitting mood that the crocheting is making me unhappy. But I guess that's okay because it's not too bad - I just really want to get back to working on a sweater I started forever ago, frogged, then started again. I'm really upset that I had to start over, but I had totally lost count of what row I was on, so it just seemed better to begin again. Stupid perfectionist in me.

I did finally finish my Calorimetry project. As you can see, it wound up being really big. I sewed the button on last night and have to close it on like... the 5th hole of my short rows to get it to wrap correctly, and then it pretty much covers my entire head. Maybe that's okay because Nick thought I looked pretty in it, haha... but I'm not insanely pleased. Maybe someone else will want it and I'll modify the pattern with less CO stitches, fewer row repeats, and a more flattering color for myself. This was just something I started in the new year because I had nothing else to do after Christmas and my needles were just sitting there begging my attention. Really. On the bright side, I got to work with short rows and it really wasn't too bad, though I did learn I should probably buy some longer needles.

And isn't my oversized OCMD grey sweater from like 1997 really hot, too? Can you tell I was knitting in bed? Cuz I was.

Our small little household also suffered a loss recently. Our youngest cat (7 months old) Yogurt took it upon herself to have a congenital disease (unknown at this point) and died almost two weeks ago. It was pretty heartbreaking to see, and I'm sure you can imagine how little Nick and I wanted to do at that point. Needless to say, my crafting took a back seat, and I think I actually held off on wedding planning for a bit. But wasn't she adorable? Our other cat, Charlie, has been running around like a mad person now that he doesn't have a little playmate. I personally enjoy when he howls in my ear every morning at 6AM.

Anywho, I guess that's all from my land of yarn. I should be able to post pictures of the blanket in March (though those of you with Ravelry accounts can take an early peek here).