Finished Projects Post

In the midst of holiday project hell, I have finally finished two projects - neither of which were originally planned and whipped up last night in an impromptu fashion. Because I wanted to, haha.

First, to your left, you can see not only the creepy mannequin head that Nick yells at me for keeping out and about, but also my first project on the hairpin lace loom I bought a couple months ago and hadn't used. I'm not sure what sparked my interest in picking it up for the first time ever - maybe the fact it just seemed so easy, I wanted to bust my stash, and take a break from writing patterns or making things in the round. It's funny how everything I'm doing right now is made in the round - so easy, but tiring after awhile. Oh, well, I was the one who decided hats were my calling, right?

Anyway, I really like the way this scarf turned out. I couldn't tell you what I'm gonna end up doing with it - selling it, giving it away, whatever. But it looks freaking awesome. For details about the yarn and whatnot, you can visit its ravelry page.

Next, I found out last night that my very pregnant friend finally went into labor. I had made her a baby blanket and sweater, both of which had been posted here, but you can't visit New Baby in the hospital without a present! So I found some pink yarn I purchased awhile ago and made a quick baby hat, playing with the stitches along the way. I really like the way it came out (the bottom half was done with HDC in BLO), and the yarn was really soft. More detailed info is, again, on its ravelry page. I really think I can switch over to making baby hats permanently because they get done so quickly, and I have the attention span of a 3-year-old. Probably why I can't bring myself to finish any of my holiday gifts right now, haha. That - and I have other stuff than crochet and knitting projects going on, and of course it all needs to be done now now now. It's the holidays, so I really wish people would cut me a break with my deadlines. I'm always busy busy busy this time of year, so giving me deadlines on stuff doesn't usually work out and people get mad at me :(

Now that I have ranted about my insane schedule, yay for my friend having a baby! Nick and I will be visiting tonight, and I'm preparing myself to smoosh a fat widdle baby face.