Review: 2016 July Yarn Crush Unboxing

It's been awhile since I've unboxed fibery goodness for you (and for that, I am truly, madly, deeply sad). I've been working from home three days a week since my company moved our office closer to the city, so I'll be honest: you're lucky if I brush my hair most days.

I mean, it's not a rat's nest and I still shower and like... other important things. I just usually throw my hair back into a ponytail and don't risk the chore that is putting my contacts in.

It's a great look.

Anyway, I was so excited to get back in the groove of filming that I put on a bra and unboxed the latest offering from my favorite subscription box: Yarn Crush.

The Goodies

The Yarn is the new-to-me, sumptuous, hand-dyed Pyxis from Space Cadet Yarns. It's 100% Superwash Merino, meaning it's easy to care for (and a superb choice for the provided patterns). Subscribers received one of three colorways depending on their preferences (of which I have none because I love surprises) and I received the blue-green tonal Eugenia. "Warm" subscribers received Eta Carinae and "cool" subscribers received Medusa Nebula.

The Patterns: This month’s knitting pattern is the Heartfire Shawl by Katrina King, which is a lovely pattern for Pyxis due to the subtle color changes and drape. It's a lacey fabric that appears to work up quickly thanks to some stockinette up top, making it the perfect penultimate project for summer.

Of course, Yarn Crush is great because crocheters aren't forgotten (and believe me when I say as a long-time crocheter, it's easy to feel overlooked in this industry). That's why each box comes with both a knitting and crochet pattern - so those of us who enjoy both crafts get a yet another choice!

The July crochet pattern is Valladolid by Jennifer Hansen. You will know Jennifer as Stitch Diva, so I'm sure it comes as no surprise I was immediately drawn to this shawl. I haven't crocheted much in the past several years due to my knitting obsession, but this may be what I needed to dive back in with pure joy.

The Yummies: This month's bonus gift is an elegant feather or twig shawl pin (I received the twig). It's a really nice treat and I don't even want to wait to wear it on my finished shawl. I can see this on any light fall jacket or bag - it's that pretty.

We also got 20% off any pattern from Threaded Dream Studio, 50% off patterns at, and 10% off our purchases at There's a good chance I may take advantage of those discounts, especially if I fall in love with this yarn (as it seems like I will).

The Price: I've said it before and I'll say it again: one of my favorite things about Yarn Crush is that you know the retail value of each item in your box (it's published along with the description of the box's contents). Why is that important? Because you know exactly what you're getting for what you've paid, and let me tell you: it's always a steal. The retail value of July 2016's box was $50.99, but the monthly subscription price is only $32.99 in comparison. That’s $18 in savings!

The Rating

How could I possibly give Yarn Crush any less than 5/5 stars? The answer is: I can't. The yarn is just too pretty and the projects too fun for me not to rave like a lunatic about the contents.

How to Get It

There are a couple subscription options and multiple ways to pay. For example, you can subscribe to a monthly box or bi-monthly box and then select how often you'd like to be charged. You, of course, save money with a 3- or 6-month payment plan; I love when subscriptions cater to both our needs and our budgets, especially for those of us trying to be more conscious of what we’re spending (look, I said "trying").

If you're ready to learn more, click the button below to either subscribe or select the subscription option that's right for you: