Test Knitting: Atiru Shawl for Aroha Knits

Back in June, Frenchie from Aroha Knits called upon her team of fiber artists to test-knit one of her latest patterns: the Atiru Shawl.

Needing to get my mind off things (things that you may have read about in my last post), I jumped at the opportunity to keep myself busy and volunteered to join the team.

First things first: I didn't finish the project due to everything going on, so I feel like a failure and a letdown; however, I can say the final result (or what I have of one) is gorgeous and a must-have addition to your hand-knit wardrobe.

The yarns I used are:

Pink: HauteKnitYarn, Fingering, Moving Too Fast
Blue: Happy Fuzzy Yarn, Corrie Sock, Sea Glass
Grey: Classic Elite Yarns, Fresco, 5303 Cinder

The prototype/pattern calls for only two colors, but because I only had one skein of the HauteKnitYarn I wanted to use, I needed to substitute with yet another coordinating color. I'm still not sure I'm in love with the grey (and I kind of wish I'd used the cream color I'd been eyeing up), but I've received nice compliments about the color combo on Instagram, so I'm just going with it!

Although it was a test-knit, I didn't come across any problems with the pattern and I found it easy to understand. Frenchie always does a great job of writing patterns clearly. As long as you are paying attention, you'll be fine. And it's easy to get into a groove/memorize the pattern once you reach the shawl's main body.

The Atiru Shawl is now available for purchase on Ravelry, so make sure to head over and add it to your favorites.

In the meantime, I'm:

Knitting: Kick in the Pants Rainbow Socks
Reading: The Girl on the Cliff by Lucinda Riley
Watching: Bojack Horseman