Free Trial: Back-to-School Craft Classes

Today marks the first day back to school for so many of us here in the US. While some kids (and parents, for that matter) are mourning our loss of summer, others are excited to get back into a schedule and start learning again.

But why let the wee ones have all the fun?

Creativebug is offering a free two-week trial of unlimited craft classes that normally come with a $4.95 monthly subscription.

Here's what you'll get with your two-week trial:

  • Classes taught by industry-leading instructors
  • One FREE class with lifetime access, even if you choose not to subscribe (pro-top: this alone is worth signing up for the trial)
  • Access to sign up for any number of crochet classes or knitting classes, including loads of beginner classes for those of you looking to learn completely new techniques
  • The ability to learn on the go with the Creativebug mobile app so you can enjoy your favorite classes anytime and anywhere you want

If you haven't tried an online craft class, then now's your time to seize the day and join our comrades in the back-to-school shenanigans. So pick up your hooks, needles, your favorite yarn, and get to crafting!