Learn How to Knit Socks: Beginner Resources

It's no secret that the sock-knitting bug has taken a huge bite out of me. I've been knitting socks nearly non-stop for about six weeks now, since overcoming my obstacles in the middle of July with my Rose City Rollers. And there's been no turning back.

But it wasn't without tears. I've been trying to knit socks for years now, and as I've mentioned in various prior posts, I'd just get so bored or flub up the heel turn or something that made me never complete an entire sock. It was frustrating and a bit devastating for me, a person who's a fairly advanced knitter. Well, here's some news:

It doesn't have to be that way.

Below, I've compiled what I think are great resources for those of you looking to knit your first pair of socks. 

  • KnitCrate: By now, it's safe to say you know how much I love KnitCrate. I subscribe to their indie dyer package, which means I receive a unique yarn-filled surprise in the mail every month, plus a coordinating pattern, some type of knitting notion, and a tasty treat (like tea, candy, etc). What you may not know is that they now have a "Learn to Knit Socks" subscription. This six-month series will send you new HAND-DYED yarn every month, a sock pattern, and unlimited access to exclusive online tutorial videos that will teach you - step-by-step - how to knit socks using both DPNs and the magic loop method. Ready to subscribe? Make sure to use this link to get a 10%-off coupon on your first purchase.
  • Craftsy: If shelling out for a monthly subscription isn't your thing, then you can also pay a one-time fee for unlimited access to My First Socks from Craftsy, a seven-lesson HD video series that includes two sock patterns and personal instruction/Q&A with designer and author Lucy Neatby. Upload photos, ask questions, and show off your first pair of knit socks in a safe nest. I've taken several classes from Craftsy and love interacting with my fellow students.  Click here to check out the syllabus.
  • Become a Bakery Bears Patron: Kay and Dan have just released a bunch of DPN tutorials for patrons of their podcast, starting with fingerless mitts and now moving on to socks. You can gain access to these tutorials (and lots more exclusive content) for just $2/mo. Plus, you know your money is going toward supporting independent creators who are re-investing that money into content you enjoy.

Full disclosure: This post includes affiliate links, but know that I would never recommend a product I didn't extremely love! The above links will take you to various learning platforms that I'm either currently subscribed to myself or have used in the past, all funded by my own money. I encourage you to check out each resource, whether you're a newbie knitter or so advanced that vanilla socks put you to sleep. You're guaranteed to find something drool-worthy.