Finished: Vanilla Latte Socks


Well, that didn't take long. I was able to bang these puppies out in less than two weeks, partially thanks to my husband being stuck in the hospital all day for gall bladder surgery. After having to check in at 5AM and not getting dismissed until 3:30PM, it's easy to see how I got so much done. Including several naps in a pretty uncomfortable plastic chair.

Anyway, he's home and resting now, and I'm loving my new finished socks - only my second finished pair! I haven't accomplished any of my other goals for 2015, but at least I'm blowing through my one goal of "finish one freaking pair of socks". Now I've got two off my needles :)

For more information, or to download the free pattern, click here to visit my project page. This is such a great pattern for beginners and experts alike, and has enough design features to keep you interested in knitting around and around and around for 7" (or sometimes more!)

In the meantime, I'm...

Knitting: Anne's Sweater + Another Pair of Vanilla Latte Socks
Reading: To Kill a Mockingbird
Listening: Chappo - What Are You Kids On?