Yarn Bombing at #Musikfest2015

It's no secret that "yarn bombing" has worked it way into the mainstream. The phrase, in fact, was recently added to the Oxford English Dictionary, further cementing our fibery hold on the universe.

Indeed, yarn bombing has not only brought people - observers and knitters alike - a lot of joy over the years, but it's also promoted an activity that many non-knitters thought was dead. I mean, it's only been within the past couple years that people have stopped telling me I look too young to be their grandmother - not realizing that they were insulting me, then asking me to make them something (usually for free) in the same breath. But I'm not bitter.

So you can imagine how fun it was to visit Musikfest (the largest free music festival in the United States) last week and see my local yarn shop, The Knitter's Edge, proudly participating in its own little yarn bomb. Being off the beaten path, the display presented visitors with a Wonderland-like feeling as they traveled from Handwerkzplatz to Polkaplatz (which I'm sure has a real name, but hey - it's Polkaplatz).

Anyway, here are some pictures I took of the yarn bombing over Musikfest's opening weekend. They've certainly added more since last year, and I'm hoping to get in on the action for 2016!