Finished: Gallatin Scarf for Mom

With everything that happened in December, I wasn't sure I was going to finish any of the gifts I had planned. While last month's events were reminders that procrastination is my enemy, I still knew I needed to get some handmade gifts done in time for Christmas. So off I went.

The first gift I finished was another Gallatin Scarf, this time for my mom at her request! I used the same type of yarn I had used in mine: Mountain Colors Twizzle, but in the Winter Sky colorway. She had seen the one I made and wore to Vegas in November and wanted one for herself, so I was more than happy to oblige!

The Gallatin Scarf is a great project and, as promised in the pattern, very fast to knit up. Even with working full-time and pumping out orders like a crazy person, I was able to finish this in a couple evenings. Just grab your favorite worsted weight luxury yarn and a pair of huge circular needles and you're set. The lace stitch and its increases are simple to memorize, making this perfect TV knitting. Considering I was glued to the Hallmark Channel all month, I was happy for that.

I didn't dive into a description of Mountain Colors Twizzle in the post about my own scarf, but I'd like to get into it here. The yarn is lovely - no doubt about it. The colors are super saturated and I love the contrasting flecks plied throughout. But... I ran into a few snags. It sometimes looked like the yarn was cut or frayed. It's not something that happened often, but being a pricier yarn, I thought I'd either see if anyone had experienced the same issues or inform anyone who was wondering if it's worth the money. Like I said, the colors are so vibrant that I absolutely do think it's worth the $20-whatever I paid for it - just without as many snags. If it had happened only with the hank I used for my scarf, I'd have thought it was an odd-ball and let it go (it's bound to happen on occasion, which we knitters know); however, it happened in two different hanks from two different dye lots. Have any of you used this yarn and encountered a similar problem?

That's all for today. Lots of yarn goodness and other finished projects coming soon :)