2015 Calendar: Men in Knitwear (alternate title: "Rawr")


I was going to come to you today with news of fantastic Christmas vacation yarn stashes and projects. Instead, I bring you the 2015 Men in Knitwear calendar, available to download on Ravelry from Stitch Seekers for $15.

Why? Well, I think that's obvious. And you're welcome.

I mean, scantily-clad eye candy at its finest and coordinating patterns for what little clothing is featured? My printer won't know what to do with its sudden use of color ink.

From the website:

Subscribe to the digital MIK calendar and enjoy a new man in your inbox at the start of every month. That's 12 small to medium sized projects on a larger than life man + the bonus cover design; a total of 13 super cool knitting patterns brought to life by our handsome models. We don't want to distract you from the knitwear so the models won't be wearing loads of other clothes. You'll never forget an appointment again! If you've only just discovered MIK and the year is already underway - no need to wait till next year. Subscribe at any time and you'll receive all the months you've missed, wow! The only question is, can you handle all the excitement at once?

I don't know, but I bought the calendar today and I'm not upset about it. And you won't be, either.