WIPs this Week

If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen these posted for #TGIFwipitoutwednesday. But in case you don't, here's what I've been up to this week (well, in a crafty sense - outside of knitting and crocheting, I kind of want to blow my head off because there's too much going on):

  1. My CAL Mystery scarf, whose Week 3 clue I've completed since this photo was taken. It was thankfully quick, which helps give me time to focus on other projects (like gifts and shop orders), but a fun distraction from my stressful week.
  2. My KAL Mystery scarf, that I plan on knitting more of tonight. I still haven't decided which clue to use, but I'm thinking the Russian Mosaic will be the way to go. Why? Because it'll bring some color back into the design - an important feature considering the last 16" or so are all ivory.
  3. A knitted round dishcloth that I finished up last night while watching YouTube podcasts. Super simple and easy to memorize. My least favorite part, though, was grafting the final edges together in garter stitch. I don't hate grafting, but it takes me a few times through to remember the pattern.
  4. Two grey knit headbands with detachable crochet flowers for custom orders in my shop. I have a third that will be knit up in a beige color, so I'll be able to finish all three this weekend for shipping out on Monday.

Anyway, Thank God It's Friday. Seriously. I've been waiting all week for this. Just to give you an idea of why, I'm managing a total of 1500 square feet of booth space at two upcoming trade shows that are happening at the same time. I actually love it, but it's a lot of work and man - I could use a nap.