Finished: Knit Headbands with Crochet Flowers

Once again, I've been (happily) inundated with orders for knit headbands with detachable crochet flowers. They're fast and fun, though I have to admit I'm more than tired of always making them in grey. I'm not sure what gives - is it because my main photo is grey? When I had a cream colored headbands as my default photo, the only orders I received were for cream colored headbands; I would have murdered someone for a change. Lo and behold, I'm now the same way with grey. Hmmm.

Trust me - I am thankful to be making these and they're always fun. Plus, they look amazing on everyone. I just love experimenting with color and haven't had much opportunity.

But luckily I had an orange one thrown into the mix. Not only did it provide an excellent distraction from my pile of grey fiber, but it made me feel all fall-like. We had a temporary break in the warm weather, so I enjoyed cuddling under a light blanket in my chilly craft room and working up this quick little knit. I was happy.

Both grey headbands pictured are made using Caron Simply Soft and my FREE knit headband pattern. The orange headband is Vanna's Choice in Terracotta.

Hope you're all having a great week. And brace yourselves: there are more headband photos coming your way ;)