Blog Hop + Giveaway: Zutter Bow-It-All (YES! It can be used with yarn!)

The Zutter Bow-It-All is a product I've always wanted to try, but could never warrant spending the money on. It's not expensive, but I've been trying to stick to only fiber crafts (i.e.: knitting and crocheting) and didn't need something else to distract me. For the longest time, that sounded like a good plan and I was doing pretty well with only knitting and crocheting.

However, Blitsy recently sent their creative team (if you haven't checked us out yet, what are you waiting for?) some Bow-It-Alls to test in anticipation of their AMAZING Black Friday Sale, featuring the fabulous Bow-It-All 2.0. If you're not familiar, it's a nifty helper tool that's easily portable and, well, handy. Because it actually does what it says it's going to do - and with no fuss. Once you get the hang of it, anyway. I have to admit I needed some initial help from the YouTubes, which is fine because there are plenty of tutorial videos available.

You're yarn people, though, so how does this apply to you? Well, as it turns out, you can make absolutely gorgeous bows with pretty much any yarn you've got sitting in your stash. Think how cute your knitted or crocheted gifts will look if they're wrapped in a bow made from the same yarn! Just use your scraps and follow the Bow-It-All's included instructions to design bows that match the gift you're giving. It can even be a "hint" as to what's inside the package. Plus, it looks adorable.

I mean, check out what I was able to make using some leftover ruffle yarn in my stash:

Aren't they pretty? And kind of shabby chic, too, but in a sparkly and festive sort of way. Which... if I were going to be shabby chic, I would want to do so whilst covered in glitter. Is there any other way?

Ready to try it out for yourself? Want to get your hands on your very own Bow-It-All? Just want something else to make with all those scraps you've got sitting around the house?

Well, then you're in luck, Because Blitsy is giving away a Bow-It-All 2.0 to one winner TODAY ONLY! Here's how to enter:

Leave a comment on this blog post. Then check out the rest of the creative team (listed below) and leave comments on their blogs for more chances to win! Make sure to hurry, though. The giveaway ends at 10PM CST TONIGHT! So get to hoppin':

And seriously, make sure to check out Blitsy's site on Black Friday. Support a friend's craft addiction by getting them supplies at gloriously low prices for Christmas, or invest a little bit on yourself. After all, I think we'll all need a little pampering after our Thanksgiving festivities, so why not celebrate with some online craft shopping (and a bottle of your favorite wine - because reasons).

Enjoy the blog hop and have a happy Thanksgiving weekend :)