Free Knitting Pattern: Autumnal Sun Coaster/Dishcloth

I recently survived an "I don't have enough cotton-based yarn" phase. I'm not sure if it was the plethora of dishcloth patterns I'd seen (combined with my need for instant gratification) or if I just couldn't get over all the overwhelmingly beautiful colors now available from Lily Sugar 'n Cream.

Whatever the reasons, I had stockpiled a full, ginormous box of Lily Sugar 'n Cream that I purchased from Blitsy during my cotton yarn gorge-fest. And I needed to do something with it.

So I dug into my new stash and got to town on a new technique I've become obsessed with: knitting wedges to create a circle. It's a simple technique and there's a lot you can do with it, and I wanted to see what I could design.

And so, this quick-and-easy dishcloth/coaster was born. The size can easily be adjusted to create a placemat that would look lovely as part of your holiday settings this year.

Although I used fall colors for my prototype, a red-and-white variegated cotton yarn would make for an amazing peppermint motif post-Thanksgiving (hint-hint!) Or choose solid colors to coordinate each circle with your home's decor. The options are endless, which makes this pattern versatile and customizable to your preferences!