Finished: Crochet Baby Reindeer Hat Photo Prop

Rudolph the Red Heart Shimmer-nosed reindeer had a very shimmery nose...

(At least when you let me make a nose for him.)

A friend of mine contacted me a couple weeks ago asking if I could make a photo prop for her son resembling a photo she had found. I examined the photo for a bit, purchased any supplies I needed, and made my best attempt at duplicating exactly what she wanted. I think I came pretty close!

I should say that I did buy a pattern (this one) thinking I would need it to figure out the horns. I didn't. I used two shades of Lion Brand Homespun brown and winged a design with (surprisingly) little-to-no failures. I only flubbed up on my first horn, wrongly creating them with DC stitches instead of SC stitches, thus causing a large gap between each stitch. Otherwise, it came out exactly as I wanted. I guess that's what happens when you've been working at this stuff for quite awhile :)

The original photo used black buttons as the eyes, but I replaced them with black crochet circles on which I embroidered a white glint using the always-versatile French knot. I figured it would be safer for a baby who, should he decide to wear it a bunch after his close-up, might get the novel idea to shove the hat in his mouth someday. The tassels are just braided and easily removable for everyday baby wear.

I'm open to writing my own pattern for this if anyone's interested. There are a lot of similar patterns out there, believe me, but we all have our own styles; maybe you like mine! Anyway, I'm looking to add more patterns to my blog. Let me know if you want this one!