Caron United CAL/KAL Progress: Week 4

The crocheted Colorful Wonky Motif

The knitted Trinity Stitch

Here's me being behind on my mystery CAL/KAL scarves. Tomorrow marks the beginning of Week 6 (which is also the final week), and here I am showing you my completed Week 4 sections. I haven't even started Week 5 yet; I've been working on so many orders and super fabulous behind-the-scenes goodies for you guys that I just haven't had the time. But I think I'll be able to knit a few rows tonight between finishing up a pigtail hat and starting another knitted headband. We shall see :)

I'm not enthused with the Colorful Wonky crochet motif. It doesn't look as bad in the picture, but when you hold it up/wear it, you see the gaps between each stitch (because there are so many triple crochet stitches in the pattern) that the effect is lost, in my opinion. The knitted Trinity Stitch was much nicer, though. Incredibly easy and the effect is nice. Plus, it doesn't curl because it's all garter stitch and slip stitches. I'd use it again for another scarf, or even a child's sweater; the texture is so nice!

Sorry to blog and run, but such is life. I'll be posting about an amazingly awesome yarn haul from an anniversary weekend excursion later this week, so make sure to check back (or like my Facebook page to be updated automatically!)