stolen pattern alert - lots of WAHHHH

Over the past 24 hours, I've received several messages from some fellow crafters notifying me that Los Angeles Needlework Patterns has not only stolen two of my free patterns, but they are also selling them.  This goes for a bunch of other indie designers in the fiber and sewing industries.

I don't know who I feel sorrier for - +Dixie Champoux for making money off other people's work, or the customers she's ripping off by selling free patterns.

But if I've learned nothing else, it's that the crafting business community is one of the best to be in.  The way we've all rushed to each other's aid, notifying other designers that their work has been stolen, and sicking our legions on the site's Twitter account has been amazing.  I mean, I don't normally advocate fighting on the internet, but this one has me peeved.  I'm not even concerned about someone else getting credit for my designs - it's annoying, but whatever.  The part that irks me is... how many people are paying for patterns that they can otherwise get for free?

Okay, enough ranting for a Monday morning.  There are already enough things to rant about on Mondays without questioning shady people's motives.  I just wanted to put this out there in case you've ever purchased anything from that website and to warn you to never purchase anything from them.  Ever.