in progress: stamped cross stitch project

Hello, crafty friends!

It's been a few weeks since I've updated the blog and I've received a bunch of messages - some kind and some not-so-kind - reminding me that I've been absent.  I apologize.

The good news is my life is returning to some semblance of order.  I've graduated from my MBA program, the new puppy is settled into our new home, my car is finally repaired, and I have my crafting mojo back.  After school and the holidays ended, I wanted to do nothing.  So I read a couple books and got addicted to the game "Heroes of Order & Chaos" on my iPad.  As fun as that was, being unproductive gets old.

I've started working on crocheted bookmarks for a swap, which I'm almost done with.  It's a hairpin lace project, so it's been fun and different.  Plus, I'm using sparkly yarn - you can't go wrong!

I also started a cross-stitching project.  Here's where I am with that:

Photo of stamped cross stitch kit purchased at ACMoore
As you can see, not very far.  I don't think the cross-stitching world is my forte.  I just don't have the patience, I want immediate results, and I really dislike having the pull the strands of thread apart every time I change colors - which is often.

I don't hate it, though.  I do have fun when I sit down and work on it; however, I need more than just an hour here and there to make any progress, and that's all the time I've had recently.

I have more projects to share with you in the coming days.  I will try to respond to all your messages and comments quickly - thanks for your patience as I get to each of you :)