my beachy yarn haul

Hurray - back from vacation *sob*

Okay, I'll admit it - it's kind of nice to be back in the groove of things, but my brain is still in OCMD.  So are my ankles.  I got so sunburned last week that they swelled up to the size of softballs and my slow recovery may or may not have included a steroid shot.  I am a turkey lovingly basted by Paula Dean, and the sun is my oven.

Needless to say, walking has been a painful chore and I cry at the thought of putting on clothes.  Let me tell you, the moment my ankles make their grand re-entrance, I may bend over and kiss them (if my flexibility is still in tact and so my friends and Hubby stop calling me Cankles McGee).

While you mull over that attractive image, I thought I'd show you my haul from the yarn shop I found on the boardwalk.  I know, you're probably all SHOCK!HORROR!GASP! that I found yarn.   I did, however, manage to ignore the pain (not without the help of 900 ibuprofin pills) and drag myself off my death bed for the experience - which wasn't so death-like since I was blowing through Fifty Shades of Grey - to visit the only yarn shop in town: Salty Yarns.

Here's what I picked up:

Yarn: Queensland Caracara in #4 - Vanilla, Pale Blue, and Spearmint (I thought it was beach-like)
Patterns: Lace Knitting To Go - pattern cards by Chronicle Books
Needles: Lantern Moon Straight Needles US3

I was pleasantly surprised that I maintained composure and got this instead of the $35 yarn I wanted to try.  I couldn't decide between supplies for a fashion scarf or choosing to conquer lace knitting once and for all.  The lace theme sounded beachy, so I went with that.  Plus, I couldn't stand up any longer to keep thinking about it.

The most expensive item?  The knitting needles.  Ever since getting my interchangeable KnitPicks Harmonies, I vowed to myself to only buy good needles from now on.  It makes the experience much more enjoyable.  Yeah, so those needles up there?  $21.  1/3 of the cost of my total purchase.  Sometimes I hate myself.

But don't worry - we didn't just go to a yarn store.  We also drove out to Dogfish Head Brewery for a tour then stopped in to their Brew Pub in Rehoboth (which had nummy food - fried pickles, baby).  We went through a lot of tasty beer during the week, and any last respects I had for Miller Lite has now disintegrated.  Some of my faves include Dogfish Head Lil Tart, Ommegang Witte, and Angry Orchard Crisp Apple.  And I know this isn't a beer, but I highly recommend the Dirty Banana if you ever find yourself at Seacrets.

We also ate at no less than four seafood restaurants without getting any seafood.  Ask me about my allergies.

Here are some other photos that may make you salivate:

Don't worry - I'm not drinking a Bud in that bottom photo.  It's the Ommegang Witte in a Bud glass (or as I like to call it: a travesty).

And now, I must return to my incredibly busy week full of blurry contacts, sunburn, ankle pain, and no ambition.  This should be fun!