nifty loopy flower and baby headband

Today, I want to talk about a flower pattern I tested last week.  Not just because it's beautiful, but also because the photo is kind of hilarious:

The pattern is called Nifty Flower.  Created by my friend Rachel, it's available for purchase and download on Ravelry.  It features a loopy stitch in the center (that I got a little too excited about, as you can see) and then some very pretty petals.  Add a contrasting border and voila!  Instant masterpiece.

I couldn't just do nothing with my flower, so I found a quick and easy newborn headband pattern to attach it to.  Tiny head, ginormous accesory.  I fear for my children when I have them.

This is going to become one of my go-to flowers for my headbands and hats.  I'm thinking about letting people choose from a variety of flowers when they purchase one of my accessories, and this is making the list because it's so lovely and (most importantly) different than a lot of others out there.

In other news, I only have a few more days of work before my first vacation in three years!  On Friday night, Hubby and I will be traveling to Philadelphia to see The Polyphonic Spree - very exciting.  Then Saturday, we're packing, cleaning, and making dinner for his mom's birthday.  Sunday, we're heading out again to a friend's wedding.  Then Monday, we're going straight from the wedding to OCMD with some of our friends, where a condo and endless supply of cake vodka await my arrival.  I'm pumped.

Oh, and stay tuned for a special announcement that may or may not be about a birthday giveaway :)