FO: The Ever Elusive Hurricane Hat I Made 4 Months Ago

Hurrican Hat, originally uploaded by jennlikesyarn.
I wasn't going to blog about such a tiny accomplishment, but I'm so frustrated at things right now that if I don't concentrate on something else, I'm going to hurl, lol. So let's tackle this moment of anger together and talk about knitting. Ooo saaaaahhhhh... oooooo sahhhh.

I finished this marvelous Hurricane Hat [rav link] on the last day of Memorial Day Weekend. This is where you ask me if I've confused Memorial Day with Labor Day. Nope, I'm not confused - just incredibly behind on blogging! Yes indeed, I finished this hat at the end of May and it got gobbled up by my craft room until this past weekend (when I found it stashed away at the bottom of a box).

It's a pity that I lose such pretty things because I really was in love with this hat and am so happy to have it back!

I made it out of some Noro Kureyon [rav link] that I'd received in a long-ago swap. It had been on my wish list for quite some time, but I could never justify spending the money on such a small skein of yarn. Imagine my surprise when I opened my swap package to find this inside! And with all my favorite colors!

I absolutely love the subtle color changes and its overall texture. It is a bit scratchy for me, but beauty is suffering, haha. So no doubt I will be sporting my new hat all winter long.

Perhaps the biggest issue was finding a hat pattern that required such little yarn. Indeed, skeins of Noro do not include plentiful amounts, but that was okay! I found this super quick and easy knitting pattern after doing some searching and started right away. I thought the spiral pattern would look great with the color changes, and I was right.

And now, back to fighting frustration. Do you ever feel like everything is against you sometimes? I think I just need to go home and roll around in yarn for awhile.

Oh, and coming soon: the results of my Flower Swap! I took pictures of the wonderful crocheted flowers I received over the weekend and just need to edit them when I have a free moment in 12 years past never :)