Prepare for Ultimate Flower Swap Picspam!

As promised, here are the beautiful flowers I received in the swap I participated in at the end of August/beginning of September.  Here they all are:


I know, they're incredibly awesome :D  Had I known one of our goals was to package them up super cute, I totally would have gone all out.  But now that I know I can use my feeble scrapbooking skills, I can make mine look so much nicer for the upcoming Christmas flower swap.  I learn from my mistakes!  But without further ado...

I'll start with Sonya (YT link), our wonderful swap host(ess)!  These are the super pretty flowers she made:



I especially love the carnation.  She's been featuring carnations in her YouTube videos lately, but they don't do them justice.  I'm always amazed at how she enjoys working with crochet thread because it does nothing but give me trouble.  Many kudos to her for enduring the pain!

Next up, we have Regan's flowers (blog link, YT link).  I love the pink one (I'm sure you're all surprised!) because of the smaller flower in the center.  I think that just makes it cuter :)  And I love the bright red of her second flower, too.  These definitely need to go on something.  Maybe a fun bag I make?  Or even as cute hair accessories.



Last, but certainly not least, we have Debbi's SUPER FANTASTICAL ROSES.  Aren't these great?  And they're pink :D  I just love how she made the center of the bigger, light pink flower.  It's such a fun and creative idea that I'll need to start incorporating into my own flowers.



So there you have it.  Not only have I killed Flickr's bandwidth with all these photos, but I'm sure you're flower'd out by now ;)  I love swaps!