Give a JennyHats Gift Certificate for the Holidays

As more and more custom orders started coming in, I was slowly beginning to realize that there was no way I could finish all of them and get my own Christmas gifts done in time for the holidays. I knew I had to set a deadline for custom orders, though I didn't want to, but it was the only way to ensure my family and friends get their goodies.

I sadly placed a deadline of custom holiday orders for this Sunday, December 6th.

But then I realized... why does the fun of custom orders have to end there? What could my solution to this problem be?

And so, I'm offering this really awesome JennyHats Custom Hat Gift Certificate for you to give those special people during the holidays. What a great gift for those people who love handmade goodies! If you don't knit or crochet, or if you know they might like a special color of something I'm not currently offering in the shop, then why not purchase them a hat and let them pick out something they'll totally love?!

A custom hat gift certificate costs $15 and includes:
  • A wide selection of colors and fibers - really, the sky's the limit! (Though if you want me to make something out of a $30 skein of yarn, we may have to do some negotiating :P)

  • A consultation with me about the type of hat they want and what I'm capable of making, which as you've seen is quite a lot!

  • FREE SHIPPING within the continental US.

After ordering, you'll receive a beautiful printable gift certificate (to place in a cute holiday card for gifting) with instructions on how the recipient can order their hat through Alchemy.

So please enjoy these custom creations as my apologies for not being able to take as many custom orders as I'd like for the holidays! These gift certificates are a great way to still give your favorite people one of my custom creations without having to worry about it arriving in time for the holidays!