Up to my old tricks

I couldn't wait until the wedding was over so I could get back into my old habits, and maybe relax a little for a change. Well, not that I couldn't wait until the wedding was over - it was a beautiful and exciting day that I was looking forward to - but all you recent brides out there can surely remember the stress leading up to the big day and how you felt pulled in all directions. I was looking forward to settling down afterward, though, and just enjoy married life.

So of course I decided to sign up for a craft show on November 7th, two knitting swaps (an ornament-themed swap and a dishcloth-themed swap) for the month of December, as well as a Christmas card exchange on ravelry. This is all on top of other holiday-related and non-holiday-related events going on in my life up until the New Year. I guess I'm just one of those people who always needs to keep busy.

Those of you on ravelry should check out those swaps and join! Only if you have the time, of course :) I look at that list and think I'm crazy.

My current project list includes making one of my Bella hats for a recent commission (I'm purchasing the yarn and making it tonight!), a bunch of dish cloths and hats for the craft show (the dish cloths are a new adventure - I don't know why I haven't gotten into them before because they're so practical and quick, and there are such cute holiday patterns for them out there), and of course all of the projects left in the ruins of my yarn basket before the wedding.

Including my first pair of socks. Someday, I will finish the first one.

I can see how socks can be addicting, but I can also see how they might drive a knitter nuts. OMG. After hours of knitting, I had... 7" of fabric? I wanted to kill myself. Though I'm sure the result will be beautiful. I just can't see myself getting into making them full time. What was I thinking? Brainless, brainless Jenn.

Anyway, DH is in Philly this evening, so I'll have the apartment to myself (if you don't include our two furry children) for a little bit. I'm hoping to crank out some more projects while he's gone, as well as have some nummy leftovers from dinner last night and an hour of Ghost Whisperer all to myself.

Anyone have some fun Halloween plans? I'll have to think of a cute update :D