I think I'll choose to use my fiber art talents for evil

A picture of decorated kitty from the DIY Maven's blog.
It's a sad day for my social reputation when my friend sends me this link and I'm immediately inspired to make a whole slough of kitty costumes for our wee ones at home.

I'm pretty sure it's this kind of thing (and, you know, granny square dresses), that give people in my industry a very bad name.

That said, I almost don't care, and the only people who will get to witness this in person are Nick and me... and everyone on Facebook once I've completed one and barrage my profile with the asinine photos.

Think about it... a brown torso with multicolored scallops = turkey costume for Thanksgiving! Red torso + fun fur trim = Christmas Santa! Green torso with red trim = Christmas elf! My cats are totally going to love this. Right?!