Ready for Shipping!

Ready for Shipping!
Ready for Shipping!,
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These "Whitney Port" headbands will be ready for shipping out this Friday! The pink one is the headband featured on the pattern page - I decided to list it in my shop because it was cute, and not everyone knows how to knit.

I then made the cream-colored one as a custom order. They look mighty pretty together, wouldn't you say? :)

I've also taken to punching holes through my business cards and using them a tags... it was too much upkeep having both business cards and tags (believe it or not), so now they're multipurpose. And I certainly have enough of them!

So... these are all going out on Friday because I'm already taking a 1/2 day at work for yet another wedding (second one in two weeks!). The post office has such wonky hours that I either make Nick take them for me because he works by one, or I go on the rare occasion I have time off. How and when do you guys ship out your stuff? I used to use UPS, but they really, REALLY seemed like a rip-off.